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JoAn Yang, Account Director

Working in Kantar is full of excitement. You are able to connect to various industries, to understand the brands’ challenges in different phases of management and marketing, while working with smart people with various skills to solve clients’ business issues, as well as learning innovative insight and leading-edge knowledge which are still in development.


Elizabeth Tsai, Account Director

The most interesting thing about market reserach is that you can observe each individual's preference, needs, habit and behvior, and by observing it, we can understand their thoughts. 


Penny Chen, DQM Director

At Kantar, we have awesome teamwork, flexible but self-disciplined working environment.
And according to different research purpose, we ananlyze datas, and absorb new information.
By brainstorming, we keep enhancing our skills, and increase efficiency and accuracy,
and then brings the fulfillment of work.