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1 out of 3 Taiwanese Has a Smart Watch/Bracelet as It Turns Out!

Kantar Taiwan joined hands with #LifePoints to conduct a survey on 600 users or intended users of wearables aged 20 to 50 in Taiwan.

2021 Kantar : The world’s most creative and effective ads

Revealed: the most creative and effective advertising from 2021, judged by consumers. And the secrets behind their success.

Kantar's 2021 Annual Review

Kantar’s 2021 Annual Review outlines our operational performance, our progress as a business and our priorities for the future. It gives a valuable overview of our portfolio and the impact we have for our clients

How to influence sustainable behaviour through advertising

People want to act sustainability, but there are many barriers to sustainable living. We used behavioural science techniques and analysed our ad database to uncover how to influence behaviour.

Make sure your packaging is the hero when it comes to sustainability

Here’s how Kantar helped BrewDog understand which designs would best convey sustainability credentials for the Lost Lager brand.

Identifying opportunities to transform your brand and business through sustainability

Kantar’s Sustainability Sector Index provides a global view of how consumers respond to sustainability issues, to help brands understand where to play.

A comprehensive guide to brand equity and growth

Find out how to build brand equity, with data-driven insights exploring how different assets and channels influence perceptions and drive growth.

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