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Media Reactions

The first global equity evaluation study of media channels and brands among consumers and marketers. An evaluation of the current media landscape and how to navigate it.
We’ve been talking to consumers and marketers for many years about their media experiences and perceptions. This year we’ve combined our AdReaction and Getting Media Right studies to fully explore people’s perceptions and attitudes towards different channels and media contexts.
Media Reactions 2020 captures the reactions of over 4,000 consumers and 700 senior marketing professionals around the world. The study provides an overall ‘ad equity’ metric that measures audience attitudes to ads in different environments, along with detailed diagnoses to help advertisers understand the impact different platforms may have on their ads and their brands. It reveals a ranking of top performing media brands and channels globally and in key markets around the world.
It answers questions like:
- Which media channels and platforms do consumers prefer, and why?
- Are we investing in trusted media environments?
- What halo effects can we expect from different environments?
- How do personality traits vary across different media brands?
The report explores three divides in media equity, which the industry needs to address:
-The divide between online and offline channels and brands
-The divide between consumers and marketers
-The divide between brand and ad equity
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